Someone died recently.

I didn’t know them personally, but I knew of them. Hana Kimura was a Japanese professional wrestler and was a cast member of the hit reality show Terrace House. I’ve written about Terrace House before and while in the past I have disliked reality shows in general, it was one show I gave a pass to and actually enjoyed watching.

That’s all changed now. I’ve erased the show from my Netflix queue. Meanwhile, the Japanese government is discussing the issue of the cyber bullying that led to Hana’s suicide and Fuji TV has cancelled the show and is considering the option of safeguards against such tragedies happening again.

All in all, the responses to the incident have been surprisingly swift and decisive. While I do have some concerns as to the potential for government control over the internet, it is something of a relief to see human decency making progress out there. It’s just a shame that it has to follow tragedy.