Greetings. My name is Toshihisa Nakamura—my friends call me “Toshi”—and welcome to this site.A little bit about me: I am a Japanese American. I’ve spent roughly half of my life in the United States and half in Japan. My favorite self-description is “Genetically Japanese, culturally American.”I grew up with a variety of interests and hobbies which has led to a rather interesting employment history. I was an office worker, I’ve trained to be a voice actor, a stage actor, I’ve worked in the service industry and in importing, among other things. Perhaps my biggest moment in the public spotlight has been my writing work at the gaming website Kotaku. I’ve also written for the anime-centric website, Anime Now! Currently, I work in translation and subtitling where I worked on the official subtitles for most of the anime, Dragon Ball Super.

Thanks to my colorful upbringing, I’ve been granted an insider’s view on a lot of both American and Japanese culture. I have a fondness for subculture and analyzing things within media and life in general.

Which brings me to this site. This site was created as an outlet for the various things that go on in my head from day to day, be it commentary, media reviews, or just random thoughts. I hope you’ll enjoy what I have to say, or if not, at the very least it will offer you some food for thought.


I would like to thank my beloved better half, without whom this site would never have existed.  I love you, Honey.